Calor Gas

Calor Gas are a leading supplier of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) across the UK and Ireland, allowing customers who are located off the natural gas grid to use LPG gas for power in their homes and businesses.  Longstanding approved Calor Gas suppliers, Tweed Fuels are proud to stock a full range of cylinder gas.  Whether for your home or business, our knowledgable team can provide expert assistance to provide exactly what you need.  All cylinders are delivered throughout our Co. Antrim delivery area or available for collection at our Cash & Carry 6 days a week.

Calor Gas

The Red cylinders.

Propane isn’t affected by our cold conditions and is therefore ideal for outdoor storage.

Thanks to the high octane rating, propane is ideal for heating, cooking, tumble drying and in commercial settings.

Calor Gas

The Grey cylinders.

Make the most of your garden with Calor BioLPG gas powered patio heaters & BBQs.

Perfect for powering your get-togethers, Calor gas powered Patio Heaters & BBQs turn your garden into a cosy entertaining area – 365 days a year.

Calor Gas

The Yellow & Blue cylinders.

With its boiling point at -2°C, butane is ideal for indoor use.

Butane is perfect for portable gas heaters, appliances in caravans, mobile homes and single burner cooking appliances.