Coal & Solid Fuels

Where it all began…

Tweed Fuels originated as a coal merchants in 1949 with a single coal run.  Today we supply a wide range of solid fuels including non- smokeless coal, smokeless coal as well as peat, turf and logs and our fleet delivers throughout Mid & East Antrim 5 days a week.

We stock a wide range of fuels suitable for all home heating applications including open fires and glass fronted and wood burning stoves and deliver in 50Kg bags direct to your store, bunker or garage.  Our full range of solid fuel is available from our Cash & Carry in smaller, retail bags up to 25kg.

Coal and Non-Smokeless Fuels

Our range of non- smokeless coals includes our best-selling, premium own brand Tweed’s Coal which gives excellent heat output and a low ash content.

The ever popular House Coal & House Doubles are very economical and ideal in open fire settings with a good heat output.

Somkeless Fuels

Ideal for use in closed fires and multi fuel stoves, our premium own brand smokeless coal is a manufactured ovoid that when burnt leaves only a small ash residue and emits a high heat output.

Other smokeless coals available include Lignite Nuggets (Brown Coal), Esse Nuts and Phurnacite (ovoid).

Logs, Turf & Sundries

Everything you need to build the perfect fire including traditional logs, kindling sticks, turf, lignite briquettes.

We also stock a wide range of sundries including matches, firelighters and firelogs.  All available for delivery throughout our catchment area or at our Cash & Carry.