Brick and Stone Sealer is a solvent base combination of resins, oils and special compounds formulated for sealing and protecting natural brick and stone on fire place surrounds. The sealer allows brick and stone to breathe. It will make the surface strongly repellent to oil, water, dirt and dust. Food and drink spillage can be easily removed as they remain on the surface and are not absorbed. Brick and Stone Sealer will enhance the natural beauty of brick and stone. Depending on the nature of the brick or stone it can slightly deepen the colour.

Volume: 500ml

Directions for Use:  It is recommended that a small unobtrusive area is tested for suitability prior to complete application. Not suitable for reconstituted stone. Ensure surface to be treated is cool. For best results use Fireplace Cleaner to remove any stains.
It is very important that the surface is thoroughly cleaned of dust with a vacuum to remove all loose dust. For the best results use fireplace cleaner to remove any stains.  Remove screens, fixtures, etc and protect floors and carpets. Working area to be well ventilated. Wear protective gloves.  Pour Brick and Stone Sealer into a clean tray or saucer and apply by brush or lint free cloth. (Application by brush may cause streaking.) 1 coat should be sufficient for indoors surface coverage but for greater protection outdoors apply 2 or 3 additional coats, ensure that thorough cleaning is achieved again between each coat.
Leave to dry for 2-4 hours between coats, and allow 2-4 hours before use, but where possible leave to dry over night then heat resistant to 90°C.Coverage, depending on porosity of stone, approximately 5-8m² per 500ml.