Inferno Gas Firepit Table Square

Inferno Gas Firepit Table Square

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The Inferno Gas Firepit Table is a wonderful gas operated fire pit that is ideal for use as a coffee table in conjunction with any outdoor seating area.

This fire pit is ideal for keeping you and your guests warm and will sit neatly in the middle of a seating area, creating a unique ambience with glowing flames that offer heat and light. The outer edge can be used as a coffee table to keep drinks and snacks.

The burner, pan and ring are made from stainless steel to ensure a rust free finish. Plus, this fire pit comes with artificial rocks, as well as a glass wind guard which ensures your flames are protected from the wind and keeps little fingers protected from the flames.  Gas hose and clip-on gas regulator, suitable for connection to Calor BIO LPG Patio Gas.

Our gas firepit tables work with Patio Gas cylinders; these are the grey or silver bottles filled with Calor Bio LPG propane. We recommend a Calor 6kg bottle as this fits under the table in a handy compartment.  The system used in this particular set is rated at over 10KW and provides ample heat, light and ambience for the surrounding area.

We estimate that on full power, you will get approximately 20 hours of burn time from this firepit. However, you will be able to run the firepit for longer on a lower heat setting which you can control easily via the handy control panel.

The gas cylinder stores neatly underneath the firepit and keeps your gas bottle hidden from view.

Dimensions: H81cm x L62cm x W79cm (with glass surround)

Dimensions: H62cm x L62 x W79cm (without glass surround)

Please Note: Calor Gas patio gas cylinder is sold separately.

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