Hotspot Marble Polish produces crystallisation action between polish and marble which is accelerated by buffing and temperature. It is not an abrasive but modifies the chemical nature of the marble itself to produce a rich long lasting sheen. Although the liquid can be successfully hand polished, we recommend the use of a low speed drill with lambswool polish attachment.Volume: 200ml

Directions for Use: For best results work in small areas and buff up immediately after polish has been applied. Ensure that the area around the marble is covered to prevent splashing. Wear rubber gloves. Shake the bottle to produce a milky white solution. Using a damp cloth, apply approximately 100ml of polish per m², rub vigorously. Do not allow surface to dry out. Polish with a damp soft cloth or low speed drill with lambswool attachment. Wash off any residual polish with water and buff again. Sheen can be maintained by regular wiping with a soft cloth. With black marble, extra care must be taken to ensure polish does not dry on the surface or misting will occur. Not suitable for synthetic marble.