Ooni Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade

Ooni Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade


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Cut whole pizzas in half with one quick move using the Ooni Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade.

4 in stock


There’s nothing more annoying than going to slice your scrumptious pizza, only for your knife to reduce your culinary masterpiece into a mushed-up mess. Ooni’s Rocker Cutter, with its gently curved, super-sharp stainless steel blade, will swiftly slice through your pizza with an easy rocking action, eliminating the risk of losing your toppings, and your patience!

Extra-long blade: With a 35.5cm (14″) curved blade, this pizza cutter can cut a large pizza in half in one easy motion. Also as you don’t need to use your hands to hold the pizza in place, you can get slicing straight away without worrying about burnt fingers.

Easy-grip handle: Made from glass-reinforced nylon, the lightweight handle is super-comfortable, taking the effort out of slicing up your pizza.


Non- stick friendly and dish washer safe.

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