Children’s Binoculars

Children’s Binoculars


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These binoculars will allow you to discover nature in a very special way and magnifies everything 7 times.

6 in stock

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Nature is full of surprises and offers many adventures. It magnifies 7 times, which means the object you’re looking at will appear 7 times bigger through your binoculars than with just the naked eye. The binoculars are well suited for studying animal behaviour, but also for determining the animal in question of course. A lot of people use binoculars to look at birds. It’s very exciting to discover a rare or special bird. The storage bag included will protect the binoculars and makes the binoculars easy to take with you thanks to the adjustable lanyard.

  • binoculars including adjustable neck strap
  • including storage bag with adjustable lanyard
  • 7×50 magnification
  • packaged in full colour giftbox


  • Product dimensions in cm L 7.7 x W 18.7 x H 19
  • Material Rubber, glass, nylon
  • Gross weight 0.89 kg
  • Net weight 0.32 kg


Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 7.7 × 18.7 × 19 cm


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